Autism App Whose? Forming Possessives
Autism App: Picture Association
Pica Autism Help: Sorting Edible and Inedible Items
Autism App: Camp Adventures
Autism App: Who Says This?

Autism Apps Designed to Teach Special Needs Students Using Pictures!


Our apps are designed to work on the iPhone or iPad.  We are planning to design more educational apps for the Mac too.  We suggest visiting our website often or sending us your name and email so we can keep you updated on our latest additions!


All our educational apps are colorful and beautiful!  At Pictures To Learn we take into consideration every aspect of our apps design to accommodate the needs of students with autism.  The interface needs to be simple yet interesting to keep student’s motivation up.  We welcome any comments that will help us improve the look of our apps so don’t be shy!

Apps for the Spanish Community

At Pictures To Learn we recognized the need for apps in the Spanish language.  We will be reintroducing all our apps in Spanish soon!  Provide us with your name and email and we will send you the latest news of our upcoming apps!

Our Goal

Our goal at Pictures To Learn is to create apps for students with autism that are not overly stimulating and which target academic and domestic skills.  Everyone deserves a chance to reach their maximum potential and to be part of their community in a positive way.  We need to have faith in all our children and believe all kids can achieve what some may consider the  impossible.  Don’t give up!  With the right support from family, friends and the education community they can do all things with God’s blessing!


Have you heard of the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”?  We have and we believe it!  Student’s with autism often think in pictures.  For this reason we include hundreds of pictures in all our apps to make learning a new skill easier!  They are beautiful, large and colorful!  For more information about how people with autism think, we suggest you read,  Thinking in Pictures: My Life with Autism by Dr. Temple Grandin.


We are looking forward to a bright and wonderful future for our users and our company!  All of our current and future apps will contain photo’s or illustrations to help our students learn.  We offer teaching resources to parents and educators alike.  We will cover all subjects, from science and math to language arts.  We are proud to announce many upcoming educational products that will help your student learn the fundamentals skills required in daily living.  So please visit again soon!

Featured Apps

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